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    RiLong Company was established in 1990 in Shenzhen, as an original supplier of high precision plastic injection parts, that were mainly exported to the US and Japan. But with ten years of accumulation, percipitation and continuous improvements, in 2000 we expanded our facilities and capabilities, covering an area of 11.000 square meters, for manufacturing both plastic molds and injection parts in our house. In 2006 we set up our rubber house in Dong guan with land size of 8000 sqm.

    With over 28 years manufacturing experiences, we have been very specializing in the mold design, research and manufacturing for plastic and rubber molds& products, hard& soft plastic over-mold/part, soft plastic& metal pieces over-mold/parts, double injection, LSR/LSR over mold, membrane keypads, as well as the finishing treatments& final assembling, such as screen/pad printing, spraying, laser etching, hot melting, insert molding, packing, assembly etc. All of these processes are made by our own facilities.

    For extending our business, we establish our subsidiary company, Shenzhen King Ping Fong Technology, for starting the smart home product manufacturing from the initial plastic housing, rubber keypads, rubber protective covers, to final part assembly. And now we successfully become our customer’s reliable total solution manufacturer in wifi smart home products. we can give our customer strong technical support and professional ODM/OEM service.

    Equipped with automated equipment, advanced technology, excellent management, and skilled staff. We usually keep long cooperation relationship with our customers,based on our always basic principle"Competitive price,Good quality , Best service, and on-time delivery ". Recent years, we have been trying to advance our mould technical, and updated our equipment, we have successfully transformed our productions to be automated way, basically, almost 90% of our injection machines have been installed with Robots, which can improve our production efficiency and reduce the higher labor costs largely.

    RiLong currently employs 450 skilled and experienced staff members to work in engineering, production, inspection and QC units. With more than 30 professional R&D team, they can always provide our customers with the right 100% in-house manufacturing solutions for developing their products.

    The key factor in helping us to maintain the quality is the use of ISO9001、ISO14001、TS16949 certifications and UL certifications through all of our business.

    Main Business
    Since 1990,specialize in Designing, Innovation, Engineering and Manufacturing of OEM plastic, rubber mold and products, over molding, double injection molding, LSR/LSR over mold, membrane keypads.
    • Professional Design and Manufacturing for plastic, rubber mould
    • All of the molding processes can be finished in our house, such as EDM-CNC-Milling-Grinding-Mirror Polishing-Slowness wire cutting
    • Strong production capabilities for plastic, rubber products in clean room
  • Certification

    The key factors in helping us to maintain our high quality is the use of following quality systems through all of our business in factory.

    • ISO9001 – Quality Management
    • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
    • TS 16949 – Automotive Industry Quality Management Standard
    • All of the materials are compitable with RoHs, UL...certifications.
  • Why choose RiLong?
    Simply because we are an ENTERPRISE OF INTEGRITY for providing vertically integrated production in OEM Parts for your one-stop sourcing.
    We listen your WORDS
    We understand your NEEDS
    We work for your AMBITIONS
    Driven by your desire to achieve more, we have been looking for any break through in today's technologies and cost-effectiveness for your innovative ideas and products.
    Our vision is to not only deliver products that exceed customer expectations but also to help them reduce costs by working with them in the mold design fields. Our strength is our flexibility and adaptability. We combine our experience with your ideas to bring out products that are one step into the future.
    Our cooperated customers, we are not only the supplier, but also we are the best partner.
    our market-40% from US, 40% from Europe, 20% from Asia
    Dedicated and contribution excellent team members