HIGH DIFFICULTY Double injection molding

Twin-shot mold can use two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection molding machine, forming two times, but the products are only molded once. This molding process is also called double injection molding, using a specialized double-color injection molding machine and one set of mold to complete two kinds of material injection. Our company has different tonnage and sizes of two-shot injection molding machines. These machines can produce double injection parts ranging from smaller pieces such as mini USB cover to large pieces of the instrument shell.

Our company already has a very mature technology in this field, well known in the industry for our superior double injection products.

The common double injection product has soft plastic material coated on the periphery of the hard plastic material. However, we can provide the parts which two kinds of hard plastic parts combined with each other, and also adopt this technology to combine high-transparent windows with rigid plastic in a product. They are placed in our 10000 class of dust free injection room for productions.